Focused on telling a damn good story. That's it.

When you work with Colin you get to work with a rebel. Colin breaks norms, tells stories you’ve only dreamt of, and loses sleep over “that one word.” No fancy terms, catered lunches, or gold-dusted donuts.


He's not for everyone. He takes risks, yells when we should be silent, and runs when he should walk. But if you’re ready to shake things up, make a splash, and avoid the 100th similar-looking video, Colin's the one.​​ 


Putting a face to a name.


Freelance Creative, Owner, Giering Media LLC, Cedar

Meet Colin. He became interested in filmmaking at the age of ten when his parents bought him a digital camcorder for Christmas. His first video? Survival films in his backyard trying to emulate the outdoor wilderness star, Bear Grylls. Since then, he hasn’t stopped making videos. As a recent graduate of Temple University with a B.A. in Advertising, Colin has the knowledge to back his technical skills. Colin has worked on numerous commercial projects and documentaries. He's developed an exceptional aesthetic, always brave and innovative in his design approach. Most importantly, he’s not an a**hole, people like working with him.

Colin is self-represented.

USA Millwork

Kitchen Cabinet Distributors

Philadelphia Sculptors

Smile Culture Dental

Temple University SC&M

Klein School of Media & Comm.

Five Five Collective

Truth & Consequences

Momentum Digital

Kahone Concept



Happy Clients

Tecum Capital Investments

Fringe Arts

The Franklin

Clarion Brewing Company

Victory Brewing Company

Clarion County Airport

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